As Principal for Sweet Sparkman Architects, I would like to confirm that our experience with Magnum Builders of Sarasota, Inc. has been, consistently, a high level of professional service. Over the past twelve years, Sweet Sparkman Architects and Magnum Builders have worked together in the field of construction and construction management. Their participation in projects have ranged from renovations, additions and new construction on public, private and institutional projects. Several of these projects, such as the Caspersen and Manasota Beach Pavilions, have won the highest award from the Florida Chapter of the American Institute of Architects for Built Work. These projects required careful attention due to their intricate detailing, accelerated time schedules and complex construction challenges due to locations in environmentally sensitive areas. Magnum Builder’s construction efforts and their ability to foresee potential challenges resulted in extraordinary  projects. In summary, Magnum Builders of Sarasota would be an excellent choice for any construction project that demands a high level of service and quality. We are pleased to offer this letter of recommendation for Magnum Builders of Sarasota, Inc. Please feel free to contact our firm if we can be of any other service.

-- Todd M. Sweet, AIA, LEED AP